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Working at Home




Maybe you are reading this on the lounge while scrolling while the washing is in a pile next to you…. Maybe you’re in the bathroom at work trying to avoid going back to your desk for just a few minutes more….. maybe you’re in bed utterly exhausted and trying to wind down after a day full of juggling your career, your toddler who smeared his weetbix on the walls and your husband who doesn’t EVER hang up his towels. 


Whatever the circumstance- losing yourself in your phone is the best option right now because you will do ANYTHING to take your mind off your work life, your relationships, your finances or just  the sheer mental load of trying to adult.  


If this is resonating with you….. how do I put this delicately? 


YOURE A F$*KING HOT MESS…… but its ok…. Because Im here to help. 


My Very Own Hot Mess Moment 


Picture it…… Sicily……… 1932….. (ok Im joking but I do love me a Golden Girls reference ;) 


The actual date was June 8th 2016. I was a single mum of two girls aged 15 and 12. Here I was- at 11.30pm sitting on the floor putting my worldly possessions into boxes and crying my eyes out.  As is so often the case with single women- I didn’t own property and yup…. My lease was up. The owner had decided to sell. 


There was one other complication- I knew that the very next morning I would travel to Royal North Shore Hospital. There the nurses would prep me for surgery and my neurosurgeon would drill into my skull. I had a brain aneurysm you see… a 8mm balloon in my brain that could burst at any moment…. If it did it was lights out…. Game over…. Sayonara. I really cant be any more blunt than that. 


I was as they say “hashtag blessed” it had been discovered quite by accident on a scan for a migraine headache. The outcomes for unruptured aneurysms are infinitely better than treatment after they had ruptured but the doctors were clear this was no walk in the park. 


I may suffer paralysis, I may have slurred speech, I may have a complete change in personality, I may have mental deficits which would mean I couldn’t work again and finally- I may not survive the operation. 


Great. Perfect. 


So here I sat- with my daughters sleeping meters away- with no guarantee of tomorrow and even if there was one- I had no place to live, no money in the bank and no idea what life would look like on the other side of this. 


It was official. 


The HOT MESS LIFE COACH was born out of desire to help women just like me- overwhelmed, time poor, sense of self diminished & no desire to be told what to do by someone who didn't GET it!


Hell Ive been to professionals who wept- literally WEPT when I shared my story. The thing was- this was my reality! I needed someone who could relate to financial, health & relationship troubles.


Who understood the mental load of being a single mum (& the horror of forgetting the Easter Hat Parade until the last minute while other much more capable mums had a design worthy of winning the fascinator prize at the Melbourne Cup in the pipeline for WEEKS!) 

Who struggled with the simple question "what do you like to do with your free time?" 

& so I studied human behaviour, connection & personality types, I researched sanity saving time management & organisational hacks & I developed the HOT MESS LIFE COACH to help people just like me. 

There will be laughter, tears & more than a few Ah Hah moments. A shoulder to cry on & tough love where its needed. 

A new pair of shoes that will lift your spirits for 10 minutes or 60 minutes of investing in YOU?!


The choice is yours. 

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