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Giving a Speech


Louise's compelling story hones in on the values of tenacity, resilience, unconditional love & NEVER giving up.

This not-so-glamorous picture is actually my favourite of all time.

Louise is available for keynote presentations in person or virtually, intimate team retreats, or as a guest across media platforms. Reach out to Louise & the team to discuss your unique event & have us tailor a presentation that helps you achieve the outcomes you're looking for from your next conference, retreat or event.


We look forward to chatting with you! 


Keynote Topics ​


  • How I found life’s true meaning without spending a cent on crystals 

  • Tine management hacks from the girl who nearly ran out of time

  • Why a  global pandemic is a gift in growth 

  • Exercising your resilience muscle 

  • Strong Women – Be your own superhero

  • I was a real life Love Child (yes actually! that's a whole other story!) 

  • Growth never sits in comfort 

  • What Khalisi and I learned about broken brains 

  • Embrace your unscripted life 

  • Brain & bio hacks for handling chaos 

  • Customer service 

  • Digital disruption v life disruption (computers mimic humans) 

  • Goal digger! 

  • Courage & vulnerability in the face of adversity 

  • Play a bigger game 

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